Sepulcher (segment)


Ray looked up from a pile of paperwork from the County. He wasn’t in the mood for anything Carl Klein was about to tell him.

“We got one that won’t burn.”
Ray’s family had owned the Vanderbosh Funeral Parlor since 1967. He was 35, and had had bigger dreams than running his family’s business—but here he was:
“The Bormann woman?” he sighed, getting up.
Carl nodded. He was probably in his early sixties, but it was hard to tell. He was rake thin and had been in charge of running the crematory since Ray had been young. “Okay, let’s go see the lady.”

. . .

This short story (and many more by dozens of great authors) are available in The Place where Everyone’s Name is Fear, a charity anthology edited by Cody Sexton (Anxiety Press) and Sebastian Vice (Outcast Press). All proceeds from the book will go Planned Parenthood to help their fight for women’s reproductive health care. Available here:

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