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  • Ashes (and Ashes)

    Ashes (and Ashes)

    Ashes of beloved pets.Ashes of others’ beloved pets(that you were once lucky enough to pet).Ashes of loved ones in little ceramic jars.Ashes of loved ones in small wooden boxes.Some are in ziplock bags.They don’t warn you,that as you get older,these things gather:they begin taking upa lot of space on your shelf;in your top drawer,and in…

  • Footprints


    This short story appears here courtesy of Roi Fainéant literary magazine:

  • Two Midnights in a Jar

    Two Midnights in a Jar

    It was just a little old mason jar- the kind with the screw-on cap and “Ball” in raised letters on the side of the glass. The jar was left over from when my old buddy Troy came by one time to share some of the fine homemade sour mash he cooked up in the hills…

  • Braddock’s Falls (chapter 1)

    Braddock’s Falls (chapter 1)

    The novella’s first chapter is presented here courtesy of Anxiety Press. The full version of Braddock’s Falls is available in both paperback and e-book formats: Chapter 1 Braddock’s Falls was supposed to be my refuge that summer. For three weeks I’d be free from calls from my ex-wife’s lawyer, free from calls from my…

  • Castrato


    Florence, Italy – 1789 Carlo Signori had been eight years old when they’d taken his testicles.Castrating juvenile boys stopped the hardening of the ribs as they blossomed into manhood, allowing for greater lung capacity, while the bones of the throat never fully developed to hinder the voice box. This was the secret of the Castrati,…

  • The Pumpkin Bastard

    The Pumpkin Bastard

    1955: The Killer had figured the pumpkin patch would be a safe spot to lay low, until the cops worked their way south towards Main St. He’d had trouble from the moment he’d arrived in Half Moon Bay. He’d snuck into the stake bed of a delivery truck in East Palo Alto, and despite all…



    1. The roots of this story likely go back much further than anyone involved in it would care to admit. I was younger and thinner then, and I’d been two years on a merchant ship ferrying men and munitions across the Atlantic during the Great War. I suppose it had given me a feel for…

  • “Killer”


    Ray “Killer” McElhone stood sweating on the small stage in his ratty baggy pants and porkpie hat, which were kind of his trademark. The room was dense with drifting smoke, and he was pretty sure some of it was coming from the old ceiling fan’s crummy wiring. The odor of beer-soaked wood and drunken sweat…

  • Human, and Not-so (segment)

    Human, and Not-so (segment)

    Luiz was about to close up his little corner bodega for the night and go home to his family, when the Stranger came in; and he knew he was going to be home late—or not at all, maybe. Because the Stranger had to die. One of Luiz’s earliest memories was his abuela’s funeral. She’d been…

  • Sepulcher (segment)

    Sepulcher (segment)

    “Ray?” Ray looked up from a pile of paperwork from the County. He wasn’t in the mood for anything Carl Klein was about to tell him. “What?”“We got one that won’t burn.”Ray’s family had owned the Vanderbosh Funeral Parlor since 1967. He was 35, and had had bigger dreams than running his family’s business—but here…