Tag: suspense

  • Footprints


    This short story appears here courtesy of Roi Fainéant literary magazine: https://t.co/vtmBYm92Zv

  • Special Service

    Pittsburgh, PA- December 24th, 2016 There were only three other passengers on the trolley when Orrin got on. It wasn’t one of the new cars that pulled up to him on the freezing Carson St. platform, but rather the old bullet-shaped type with a squashed nose, one single headlamp, and a domed roof capped by…

  • Powdered Frankenstein: part I

    1. It was the Holy of Holies… possibly the most elusive collectible in the realm of horror memorabilia, although to call such a thing memorabilia was to grossly mislabel the substance, as well as greatly undervalue its worth. Daniel was thirty-eight and had been hearing about Powdered Frankenstein at least since his twenties. It was…